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Give a Little Love Golf Day

Golf Day – The Australian GC 2024

What a glorious day at the Australian once again! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for all the support, generosity and willingness to be open to receiving the messages around mental ill-health and suicide prevention.

The goal for the day was to raise more awareness than funds. To that end, I’m so grateful for the open discussions that were entered into throughout the room and I hope that they sparked further conversation, investigation and comfort in talking about/dealing with mental ill health and suicide.

I am pleased to say that Batyr and Smiling Mind, two wonderful organisations which focus on youth mental health issues, equally shared in the funds raised of $5,000 as a result of the day.

This is another fantastic effort and it doesn’t happen without your wonderful generosity, time and engagement, so thank you to:

  • Krisztina and Carolina spoke beautifully and were a fantastic team – to find out more about batyr at and please scroll down and check the video. It will make you feel better.
  • If you’d like to improve your own wellbeing, energy and mental health then I recommend going to and downloading the app. Try it. It’s awesome.
  • Huge thanks to Steven Shearer, Melissa O’Sullivan, Dan Kytic, Nathan Gibbons and their crews who did a phenomenal job in all areas: Course presentation, hosting, facilities, menus, the staff and the booze.
  • All attendees for brining a bottle for the wine auction – I think we can all agree it was a huge success and great fun!
  • Adem, Adrian, Christoph & Brett thankyou for bringing your teams once again and for filling the day with joy and engagement in the room.  Thank you to Josko for entering his team this year – we hope to see you back again next year!

And here’s to Giving a Little Love to many more events and many more deserving causes over the coming years.